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Conveyancing in Walderslade Q & A's

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Updated: 24/07/17

Walderslade is nearby at 1 mile off the M2 junction entry 3 Eastbound.

The nearest airport to Walderslade is Rochester, Maidstone Rd Airport. London City Airport is 24 miles, London Airport is 18 miles, Rochester Airport is 2 miles and London Biggin Hill Airport is 22 miles away. Chatham train station is almost 3 miles from Walderslade.

Walderslade, Alexandra is the nearest hospital.


I am looking for a fixed rate conveyancing quote in Walderslade. Can you assist?


Various solicitors offer supposedly 'the cheapest conveyancing'. Unfortunately additional costs will be included in the small print. The quote should also clearly state third party costs, termed disbursements, to be paid. Any fees included in terms of engagement ought to be fair and reasonable. They only apply to matters if your lawyer must complete unanticipated additional work , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process.


In respect to the terrible flooding in the UK in April 2012, I am questioning whether conveyancing searches might not be sufficient?


Conveyancing and environmental searches carried out by the Walderslade solicitor should include a more in depth search (Landmark) if required.

If you are still worried you could try to speak to a neighbour or local resident.


We are buying a 1940s flat within a conservation area. Where does one find more data in relation to the state of repair?


English Heritage, a government body, maintain records in relation to the state of repair of conservation areas along with the exposure to deterioration. Local conservation areas are nominated by the local authority (Tonbridge and Malling) who maintain things like upkeep of paths to rundown streets.


What does our conveyancing searches be?

Conveyancing searches ranges in cost. A conveyancing solicitor will order a bundle generally including a local authority search and a chancel liability search.


Is your solicitor team able to handle fast completions on the conveyancing for property auction properties in Walderslade?


Our residential property lawyers do frequently do the legal work for auction buyers and sellers. Lawyers usually recommend bidders to instruct a SRA regulated conveyancing company in advance of the auction to allow adequate time for a detailed review.

Subsequently, immediately after the auction day arrives you are the conveyancing solicitor needs to be able to concentrate on finish the auction conveyancing process in less than 28 days, a requirement of terms of sale.


For fast conveyancing on the purchase of a £916,000 residence, what do we need to ensure?


It is well established that finding a communicative lawyer is crucial to a fast conveyancing transaction. There are, in addition, several tasks you as the purchaser can also do to accelerate the process, such as, requesting status updates from the lawyer regularly, clarifying your mortgage lender's requirements and answering any queries raised by your lawyer as soon as possible.


What type of enquiries into the potential risk of possible flooding around Kent will the Walderslade solicitor report back on for an investment property we intend to buy?


A residential property conveyancer conducts official environmental searches that incorporate Walderslade flood risk area data.


DIY conveyancing without the support of a property lawyer in Walderslade looks to be possible as a buyer and seller of a house , however would it really be wise ?


Theoretically speaking there is no argument at all why a seller cannot decide to conduct legal and technical work without assistance. That said, a Walderslade property solicitor typically handles a long list of assignments including chasing any outstanding docs or checking that the contract package is in order some of which require experience.