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Conveyancing in Wembley Park Q & A's

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Updated: 21/07/17

Wembley Park points of interest

Brixton London Windmill, London National Portrait Gallery Art Gallery and Temple Middle Temple Hall Historic Building are in the vicinity of Wembley Park.

The closest airport to Wembley Park is London City Airport (7 miles). Heathrow Terminals 1 2 3 Airport is 15 miles, London Heliport Airport is 4 miles, Heathrow Terminal 5 Airport is 17 miles, Gatwick South Terminal Airport is 25 miles, Gatwick North Terminal Airport is 25 miles, Heathrow Terminal 4 Airport is 15 miles, Northolt Jet Centre Airport is 13 miles, Elstree Airport is 14 miles and London Biggin Hill Airport is 14 miles away. Charing Cross train station is around a mile from Wembley Park.

Motorists are well catered for with Wembley Park ideally situated with very good motorway access about 2 miles of the A40M.

The neighbouring hospital for Wembley Park is Royal London Homeopathic.


I am trying to find the cheapest conveyancing solicitors in Wembley Park. What do we need to check for?


Both high-street and online property lawyers purport to offer cheap conveyancing, but extra charges are frequently hidden in small print.


I am interested in purchasing a house in Wembley Park. Can I find out whether the house is in a designated conservation area?


The neighbourhoods located near Wembley Park will include a number of conservation areas. A conveyancing solicitor will address the impact buying in a conservation area may have and advise further.


What type of investigation in relation to the uncertain risk of a flood around North London will a Wembley Park lawyer advise on?

A necessary step in the legal due diligence process of buying a property involves a conveyancing solicitor carrying out environmental searches for information on the subject of Wembley Park historical flood risk. In addition the conveyancing solicitor in Wembley Park might possibly recommend a more detailed local flood search.


Is it advisable to avoid paying out for SDLT?


Homeward Legal do not recommend any stamp duty scheme, because these schemes are highly expensive and very risky.


Is a managing agent fee a disbursement or a fee?


Some conveyancers may attempt to pass off fees which should be included as disbursements. It may not be obvious whether a cost is a fee or not, and if it ought to be included. This cost is a fee not a disbursement, and should be included in a quote.


What is the council tax on a mid-terrace property in Wembley Park?


Frequently a conveyancing report on title should contain the appropriate Brent council tax band. The correct rates for residents of Wembley Park are published on the Brent council website. As at, 08 March 2013, rates for all bands are:

  • Band A - £910.00
  • Band B - £1,062.00
  • Band C - £1,214.00
  • Band D - £1,366.00
  • Band E - £1,669.00
  • Band F - £1,973.00
  • Band G - £2,276.00
  • Band H - £2,731.00


Do you recommend that we get a chancel search? I am buying a property by a church constructed around the 1500s in Wembley Park.


In Wembley Park, some owners can be required to contribute towards the cost of maintenance of specific local church buildings. Parochial Church Councils in Wembley Park must register their interest over property by October 2013, simplifying the chancel search process. A conveyancing solicitor will be able to advise further. Wembley Park church properties include The Ascension.


Which local authority looks after Wembley Park?


Wembley Park is located in London Borough of Brent Council, One Stop Service, Town Hall, Forty Lane, Wembley, HA9 9HD, Call: 25 8937 1200