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If you are remortgaging your property, you will need a property lawyer to represent your interests as well as those of the lender.

The first and most important thing to consider is whether your conveyancing solicitor is on your chosen lender's mortgage panel. If they are not, the lender would need to appoint a second, separate solicitor. This will slow the process down and incur additional fees for you as the homeowner.

The good news for you is that Homeward Legal only works with conveyancing solicitors who are on all the lender panels.

Choose us to handle your remortgage and you will have complete confidence that your solicitor can act for your lender and there will be no such delays.

The remortgage process

Once your property lawyer has received your formal mortgage offer, they will carry out the official searches that required by your lender. Alternatively, your solicitor may suggest search insurance or personal searches instead, as these may save time and money.

Your conveyancing solicitor can advise you about specific lender requirements in advance or you can read about individual lender requirements at the Council for Mortgage Lenders (now UK Finance for Lenders) site. Lender requirements all vary; however, Homeward Legal's allocated panel solicitor will always advise the most appropriate route for your remortgage.

Once you have signed the new mortgage deed and completion has taken place, your solicitor will handle all post-completion formalities with the Land Registry.

Does speed matter?

Many solicitors will suggest that a remortgage is not as time critical as a purchase because you already live in the property.

At Homeward Legal, however, we take a different view. You may be remortgaging to take advantage of a lower or discounted interest rate. By moving quickly, we could save you interest incurred at the higher rate of the existing mortgage.

Every year we help thousands of homeowners throughout the country with the legal formalities to complete their remortgage as quickly as possible. Homeward Legal are highly efficient at completing your remortgage conveyancing quickly, saving you time and money.

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