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Conveyancing for Transfer of Equity

A Transfer of Equity happens when an owner wants to add one or more people to the legal register of a property or may want to remove one or more people other than themselves from this register. Homeward Legal’s conveyancing solicitors make the Transfer of Equity process simple.

Equity is simply the residual value of the property after any mortgage is deducted from the current market value.

For example, if your property is worth £250,000 and you have an outstanding mortgage of £100,000, you have £150,000 equity in the property.

It is possible to find yourself in a “negative equity” situation when the outstanding mortgage exceeds the current market value. This could happen when a buyer has taken out a high LTV (Loan to Value) mortgage and the value of the property has subsequently fallen.

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It’s easy to get a bespoke quote from Homeward Legal for the legal work required for a Transfer of Equity. All it takes is one call to 0800 038 6699 or click for an instant quote. If you’re ready to get an instant quote for a property lawyer to handle your transfer of equity, it’s that easy.

Why might you wish to transfer equity?

There are any number of reasons why you might wish to transfer the equity in a property, such as a marriage or divorce. Homeward Legal are sensitive to the fact that there will be multiple parties involved in such matters.

What if there is no equity or negative equity?

In these circumstances, the future owner will need to ensure they have made suitable arrangements with the mortgage lender. Homeward Legal’s nationwide panel of conveyancing solicitors are experienced in working with owners and lenders to ensure this process runs smoothly.

The Transfer of Equity conveyancing process

Once all parties are in agreement, an official document called a Deed of Transfer is drafted for all parties to sign. Any existing mortgage formalities are also completed. If the new owner or part-owner is taking out a new mortgage, then your property lawyer would also represent the lender’s interests in completing this.

Transfer of equity matters are often accompanied by a remortgage. In these cases, Homeward Legal will treat the equity transfer and remortgage as one piece of work, aiming to complete this as soon as possible.

After the deed has been signed

The post-completion formalities with an equity transfer are similar to those carried out on a purchase. An SDLT Form (Stamp Duty Land Tax Return) may need to be completed (even if no stamp duty is due) and returned to HMRC within 30 days of completion.

The next stage is to register all interests and charges over the property at the Land Registry, at which point the property is formally registered in the new party’s name(s).

Homeward Legal are experts at ensuring a smooth transfer of equity occurs in minimal time and cost, so call us now on 0800 038 6699 or get a transfer of equity quote online.