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Updated: 22/03/18

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Truro -

By road: Truro is served by the A39 and A390. By rail: The nearest train station is Truro. By air: Truro is closest to Newquay Cornwall Airport (19 miles), and Land’s End Airport (34 miles).

Hospital: Royal Cornwall, Penventinnie Lane, Treliske, Truro, TR1 3LQ. Council: Cornwall (

Attractions: Royal Cornwall Museum, Boscawen Park, Truro Cathedral, Llama Land, Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm, and Victoria Gardens.


Might my conveyancing fees for my move to Truro incorporate any hidden charges?

No. We will not charge any additional fees as we operate a fixed-fee system matched with our ‘No Completion, No Fee’ guarantee. Be aware that some solicitors do not give accurate quotes, only estimates, meaning that you could pay much more when you complete. For the best and clearest quote, why not try our quote calculator? Or, if you want to talk to someone, you could call our expert team on 0800 038 6699.


If we are purchasing next to land owned by the church in Truro, will we need a chancel liability search?

The judgement in a landmark case in 2003 reaffirmed that 'lay impropriators' of property must fund church repairs, if the parochial church council has registered their interest in so doing. Liability has the potential to impact the value of a Truro property, but an indemnity policy may be available to protect the new owners. This is something that your conveyancing solicitor will be able to address with you. Truro churches, where chancel liability may apply, include:

  • All Saints, Tresawls Road, Truro, TR1 3LD
  • St. Kea All Hallows, Churchtown, Kea, Truro, TR3 6AE
  • St. John the Evangelist’s, Lemon Street, Truro, TR1 2NU

What is the council tax on a Thirties, detached, Band H home in Truro?

You will be told about the property's council tax band in your solicitor’s conveyancing report on title. Correct rates for properties in Truro are detailed online at the Cornwall local authority site. For the 2017/2018 tax year, Truro’s tax rates were:

  • Band A - £932.47
  • Band B - £1,087.88
  • Band C - £1,243.29
  • Band D - £1,398.70
  • Band E - £1,709.52
  • Band F - £2,020.34
  • Band G - £2,331.17
  • Band H - £2,797.40

Retrieved on 30 March 2017


We really need to complete on the selling of our refurbished house in Truro within six weeks, so are you fast solicitors?

To be frank, some Truro solicitors take the conveyancing at a leisurely pace, which brings even more anxiety to the already stressful process of buying or selling a house. Homeward Legal only allocate you to chosen solicitors who are selected because they endeavour to exert pressure through every part of the home-buyer and -seller chain. Furthermore, our expert panel of solicitors are chosen because they have invested in modern, integrated technology systems to finish the sale in a minimum time. Try our quote calculator or call our waiting team on 0800 038 6699 for your fixed-fee quote.


Environmental searches are standard procedure for home-buyers, but when one considers recent events (e.g. the major flooding in September 2012 in Southwest England), are they the most thorough way to see enough information about the risk of flooding in Truro?

Flood-risk searches handled by a solicitor in Truro will include the far more detailed search (Landmark), if required. You can always get in touch with a local resident to gain extra local history.


How much will searches cost for our purchase in Truro?

With a Homeward Legal solicitor, clients are charged at most £249 for the standard set of conveyancing searches. Searches are disbursements paid to a third party.


We are using a lender in Cornwall, and need to know which Truro lenders your lawyers are able to work with. Whose panels are you on?

We have solicitors with experience working alongside most lenders in Truro, who are approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. The Homeward Legal solicitor handling your conveyancing transaction can carry out any relevant lender-imposed searches or checks, thus ensuring the lender’s legal costs are not passed on to you. A number of mortgage specialists operate in Truro, such as:

  • GE Money Lending Solutions, Kernow House, Gas Hill, Newham, Truro, TR1 2XP
  • South West Mortgages, Lower Ventongimps Farm, Ventongimps, Callestick, Truro, TR4 9HE
  • Fineants Ltd., 69 College Way, Gloweth, Truro, TR1 3RX

Do we need to choose a law firm suggested by the estate agent in Mevagissey?

It is common practice for estate agents to recommend one or more conveyancers. However, if the agent is paid a fee by the solicitor, some agents will choose the solicitor willing to pay the highest referral fee, and not the law firm with the best reputation. To discuss your needs and to obtain your free, fixed-fee, ‘No Completion, No Fee’-guaranteed quote, contact our team on 0800 038 6699.


We have a found a freehold residence to buy. How do we guarantee fast legal work?


Most importantly, finding a proactive, diligent conveyancing solicitor is crucial to a fast conveyancing transaction. There are, in addition, numerous things you, as the purchaser, could do. These include:

  • promptly answering your conveyancing solicitor's questions
  • arranging your mortgage offer
  • requesting regular updates from your conveyancing solicitor and keep the pressure on


What is the council tax on a Thirties detached Band H home in Truro?


You will be told about the property's council tax band in the conveyancing report on title. Correct rates for properties in Truro are detailed online at the Cornwall local authority site. At the time of authoring, 20 August 2012, rates are:

  • Band A - £979.00
  • Band B - £1,142.00
  • Band C - £1,305.00
  • Band D - £1,468.00
  • Band E - £1,794.00
  • Band F - £2,120.00
  • Band G - £2,446.00
  • Band H - £2,936.00


We are intending to buy a converted house in a Truro conservation area, where can I lay my hands on information about the state of repair?


English Heritage maintain information on the state of repair of conservation areas in England as well as the vulnerability to deterioration. Conservation areas in Truro are set up by the local authority (Cornwall) who maintain conservation area concerns from what can be demolished to the avoidance of ugly shop fronts.


Is contaminated land a concern for most homes in Truro?


Property could be contaminated by numerous natural causes and human activities, like masts or pylons. An environmental search can give more clarity. Higher Trestrayle Farm, Cornwall, TR2 4HJ may be one source of local contamination.


My husband and I are planning to buy in Truro, and would like to find out if there are any conservation areas.


Conservation areas conserve areas designated as being of 'special architectural and historic interest'. Your conveyancing solicitor will be able to provide more details, in regard to relevant conservation area restrictions in Truro.


May my conveyancing fees incorporate any hidden charges?


Homeward Legal will not charge any additional charges. If you are comparing quotes, consider that some firms only provide estimates disguised as quotes, meaning that your final bill could be much higher.


The web is awash plenty of useful handbooks going into great depth on doing your own legal work. Do I have to use Truro conveyancer ?


Conceivably there are no arguments why a seller shouldn't handle the legal and technical work unaided. That said, a lawyer in Truro takes care of a huge array of skilled tasks ranging from approving contract or apportioning ground rents which require a skilled professional.