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When you're ready to buy or sell a property, you want conveyancing that you can trust to deliver the highest quality service every time. That's why you can put your faith in Homeward Legal because we put our clients first every time.

For some home buyers and sellers, that is not the case. Sometimes instructing an online firm to carry out their conveyancing leads them to what's known as a conveyancing factory. That moniker came about because the service they provide is much like an assembly line production - administrative staff open correspondence and pass on the contents along to the line to more qualified colleagues.

But each piece of mail will be opened and then dealt with by different people, leading to the often-inevitable consequences of delays and lost paperwork because no one person is dedicated to your case. This is not a premier property service in any way.

However, if you choose to instruct a solicitor through Homeward Legal, the personal, dedicated help you receive will be a superior service in every way to the scenario painted above.

Helping you avoid unnecessary complications

Online conveyancing service are often regarded as a quick and more affordable option. But beware - the initial quote you are given can be deceptively low and you may well end up paying much more than you've budgeted for through essential fees that are "hidden" in the small print.

Then there are those issues that arise because yours is often one of thousands of property transactions being dealt with in a warehouse setting with each element of the conveyancing process dealt with by a different person.

That adds a layer of unnecessary complication to a process that Homeward Legal can help you avoid completely.

Quality, transparency, certainty

At Homeward Legal, we know buying and selling a home can often be an incredibly stressful time. It's also often the biggest financial commitment any of us will make.

That's why we don't trust your transaction to anyone but the best legal minds in England and Wales. Our nationwide panel of solicitors are among the most well-regarded and qualified in the country.

All are regulated by the Law Society through the Solicitors Regulation Authority and all meet our exceedingly high standards, which means they are committed to providing a quality service with transparent fees and no sneaky extras costs sprung on you at the last minute.

Most importantly, the solicitor you choose to instruct through Homeward Legal will be the one who deals with your transaction from start to finish, giving you certainty and continuity in the process.

And because Homeward Legal is a seven-day service, with opening hours beyond normal business time, our expert and friendly team are only a call away, ready to answer any questions when your solicitor is not available.

When you're buying or selling a home, you deserve the very best legal service to ensure the conveyancing process runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Join the thousands of satisfied clients for whom Homeward Legal has already provided that top-notch service.

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