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Conveyancing In London Q & A's

A right of way on the property I’m buying is redundant, but how do I get it removed from the deeds and registry?

A right of way through the grounds of a property is probably an inheritance before other building in the vicinity occurred that has since made the passage through redundant.

But, while having the right of way registered with the deeds means that feasibly someone could insist that they use it (as their public right), but, if they can’t access where the right of way originally led, it makes it a pointless activity.

It’s so unlikely that anyone will want to do this that you have to weigh up the cost of the legal process to get the right of way officially removed against not proceeding. However, if you are at all worried, talk to your solicitor so that it can be investigated further as part of the conveyancing, at which point they can guide you on the appropriate action and the associated costs (this will be in addition to the standard fees for the conveyancing and your solicitor will advise of this additional cost).

Homeward Legal's solicitors provide transparent quotes, detailing what is included in the fees and disbursements and will help with estimates for additional legal work. So, now is the best time to get your conveyancing under way on 0800 038 6699.

We need to move in within six weeks - how long will the conveyancing take?

Six weeks is not an impossible time-frame to work to. The average time (estimated) for the conveyancing to complete is around 8 weeks, so 6 weeks is well within the range.

However, there are any number of factors, predictable or not, that can draw out the process. Our advice is to call us so we can assess the specifics, and give you a better idea of whether your preferred time-frame is achievable.

In any event, make sure you instruct a solicitor ASAP and quickly complete and return all forms and paperwork. If you are selling a property, make sure you supply all documentation requested as soon as possible. Finally, choose a solicitor that uses the fastest means of communication available, i.e. email rather than posting letters.

Should I get a Building Survey on a flat in London?

In a recent study commissioned by RICS, new homeowners were faced with bills for necessary and unexpected works for an average of nearly £6,000.

Given the cost of living in the Capital (not to mention issues such as the majority of North London being built on clay soil, which is prone to subsidence), one must assume this figure would be even higher in London.

Specifically your question is about a Building Survey, the RICS premium-level survey. You may find that this is not available for a flat as it requires the surveyor to access communal areas. However the HomeBuyer Report is suitable for flats.

Our advice would be to always get a survey, as it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

I need to exchange contracts on the conveyancing process on a leasehold flat within 6 weeks - are you fast solicitors in London ?

We believe that our proactive CQS solicitors always take a highly active method to fulfilling the conveyancing work for clients We only allocate you to firm who attempt to communicate through the whole of the buyer and seller property chain . In addition Homeward Legals property lawyers are chosen because they implement speed focused land registry integrated and technology systems to complete on the property sale fast.

I've had a conveyancing quote from you. May we need to pay any hidden fees?

We never hide any hidden extra fees for any reason. Our quotes offer an single, accurate price.